A Picture of Cybersecurity: Is Your Organization Making It a Priority?

Raj Chaudhary
| 10/15/2015

Breaches, hackers, and cybersecurity arise all too often in news reports which – along with examining recent statistics about cybersecurity breaches – may give you pause about how your own organization is approaching cybersecurity.

Many organizations – at least those that haven’t come under attack themselves – have become desensitized to cybersecurity issues, or they assume that the issues cannot be addressed effectively with limited resources. However, most organizations struggle with the basics, and improving basic cybersecurity posture does not require investing in new tools in every case; rather, it’s all about making cybersecurity a critical priority for the organization – which requires people and process controls.

We help organizations in a wide variety of industries manage their cybersecurity efforts, and our experience indicates that an organization must take these six steps to manage cybersecurity effectively. Many of these actions are more easily said than done, of course, and involve significantly more than adopting a specific policy or having a particular assessment:

  1. Implement a formal and up-to-date cybersecurity program.
  2. Designate a cybersecurity leader with appropriate authority and resources.
  3. Inventory, assess, and prioritize IT systems, data stores, vendors and suppliers, and potential cybersecurity risks.
  4. Employ procedures to detect and contain cyberattacks – not just to prevent them.
  5. Create and maintain a plan for responding to cybersecurity incidents.
  6. Use testing, assessments, and continuous improvement as core elements of your cybersecurity plan.