Win at Customer Service With Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ryan Plourde
| 6/26/2019
Win at Customer Service With Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Prompt and efficient customer service is critical to the success of most businesses.

When calling companies for help or service, how many times a day do customers get stuck on hold listening to annoying music or repetitious messages? Customers who become frustrated and unhappy tend to go elsewhere.

According to a February 2019 Forbes article, a Comm100 survey indicated that live chat can be one of the most efficient resolution channels for organizations and their valuable customers. Through its Microsoft Dynamics 365™ for Customer Service platform, Microsoft offers a solution that can help organizations resolve customer issues faster and create more opportunities to sell.

A fully integrated solution

Codeveloped by Microsoft and CaféX, Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a fully integrated omnichannel solution designed to help organizations create more personalized experiences on websites and apps by using chat and cobrowsing. Live Assist for Dynamics 365 is hosted in the Microsoft™ Azure™ cloud and integrates easily into an organization’s Dynamics 365 system.

Live Assist for Dynamics 365 helps customer-facing teams by offering features that can be used individually or simultaneously to more easily provide exceptional service to existing and prospective customers. Features include:

  • Live chat. Customers can engage in chat conversations with customer service agents. After the chat, customers can request and receive a transcript via email.
  • Cobrowse. Customer service agents can share their web browser with customers. When the agent navigates to a webpage, the customers’ cobrowsers navigate to the same page. In addition, agents can push images or documents to the customers’ applications.
  • Voice and video. Agents can initiate voice and video calls with customers during live-chat conversations. Customers can see a full-screen video view while live chatting, or they can hide the video and mute the audio.

A customer service example

One visitor to the site might be an existing customer with a product concern. During live chat, an agent can send the appropriate owner’s manual as a PDF file. The agent also might choose to open a video call to better diagnose and resolve specific issues.

A marketing example

Live Assist for Dynamics 365 can also be a valuable tool for marketing teams. For example, consider a company that markets high-performance bicycles. After a potential customer visits a specified number of webpages, the system alerts an agent to initiate a live chat session to answer questions and guide the visitor to an appropriate product. If necessary, the agent can open a cobrowsing view to show the visitor the best page.

Compatibility with other Dynamics 365 applications

Users of Live Assist for Dynamics 365 can extend the omnichannel features available in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Field Service, and Dynamics 365 for Marketing. These features enable customer-facing teams to access the same unified external view, which can help them generate more leads and close deals faster.

Other benefits of Live Assist for Dynamics 365

The benefits of Live Assist for Dynamics 365 extend even further. This versatile solution:

  • Offers a fast, single-click experience for online visitors with easy transition between communication channels
  • Allows for personalization via face-to-face video interactions
  • Can increase productivity through its tight integration with Dynamics 365
  • Facilitates security and compliance by masking sensitive fields during cobrowsing
  • Can generate leads through targeted chats that customize the user experience
  • Gives organizations tools to improve response time, increase lead qualification rates, and boost customer satisfaction

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Ryan Plourde
Ryan Plourde
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