Why Global Companies Will Benefit from the Sales Pipeline Management add on for Microsoft Dynamics

Ryan Plourde
| 10/27/2015
Much has been written about the value of sales pipeline management.  You’ve heard us say: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

For global companies, a crucial component of a sales pipeline management system is that it ha the option to show you all of your forecasted sales opportunities in a single currency.

For example, a US based company that has offices and does business around the world may be looking at revenue forecasts in Euros, Dollars, Pesos, or Yuan. How do you, working from the home office, make sense of it all? You need to be able to easily see your totals converted to a single master currency.

Crowe Sales Pipeline Management is an add on tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It allows you, your top management and your sales teams across the globe to see forecasts and opportunities in local currency, but also to see them converted into U.S. dollars or another chosen currency.

This tool is invaluable in that it instantly lets you compare sales from many different locations in a currency with which you are fluent. You can use the sales pipeline management tool to group, sort and calculate based on any number of criteria including currency, region, sales rep, etc.