A Versatile Time-Tracking Solution for Property Managers

Ryan Plourde
| 2/13/2019
A Versatile Time-Tracking Solution for Property Managers

Property management is a multifaceted occupation that includes coordinating tenants and vendors, maintaining facilities, making on-the-spot decisions, and doing lots of multitasking. Because property managers work on many different jobs and tasks each day, they need accurate records of the work completed: Who did the work, where and when it occurred, and how long it took. They need a comprehensive system to track and organize the data necessary for making important decisions and running a profitable business.

The challenges of custom-built software

Over the years, many property managers have considered or used custom-built proprietary software packages to run their business. These solutions, however, can be inflexible, can present compatibility issues, and might not be mobile friendly. Occasionally, users find themselves with unsupported software that becomes obsolete as other systems evolve.

An adaptable solution for many processes

The Microsoft Dynamics 365™ solution offers a reliable way to manage a wide range of business processes. Dynamics 365 is flexible and fully integrates with the web, mobile devices, as well as Microsoft Excel™, Word, and Outlook™ software. It also can be a great fit when property management occurs in a larger organization with more complex CRM and ERP operations that cannot be supported by a niche product.

A smart addition to Dynamics 365

Crowe Timesheets is a simple, easy-to-use time-tracking solution that integrates with Dynamics 365 software. Crowe Timesheets enables property management teams to track the time spent on each task and each property. This information is critical for invoicing, payroll, and decision-making.

With Crowe Timesheets for Microsoft Dynamics 365, technicians can use their supported mobile phones to:

  • Record their time based on the property location or other details
  • Categorize the time spent as maintenance, routine inspection, or troubleshooting
  • Include notes about the task, such as "Checked filters on first and second floors"

A reliable tool for time entry and decision-making

On-the-spot entries tend to be more thorough and accurate, and they eliminate the need for office staff to interpret handwritten notes from workers in the field. By reviewing the relevant data in Crowe Timesheets for Microsoft Dynamics 365, managers gain the tools to control overtime and labor expenses and stay on top of job costing in real time. Managers can easily monitor the profitability of each property and make changes to improve efficiency.

Properly tracked data can also help with decisions about personnel. For example, a review of an employee’s time-tracking reports might indicate that he or she provides task data clearly and accurately and is highly productive. This employee could be a good candidate for a supervisory position. When the right systems and processes are in place and pertinent data is readily available, managers can make better-informed business decisions.

Crowe Timesheets for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides tools to help property management companies gain insight and make decisions that can increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve revenue.

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Ryan Plourde
Ryan Plourde
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