Updating Dynamics CRM as Easily as Excel

Ryan Plourde
| 3/18/2015

Your sales team has been using Microsoft Excel for years to track their prospects, pipelines and forecasts. But perhaps your organization has outgrown the spread sheet stage and wants to implement a robust CRM system to keep up with your growth and provide for further growth in the future. How will you convince your sales reps to use the new system?

When your sales reps give up their Excel documents and agree to update all of their information in the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM system, you will have much better insight into your business as a whole. You will have information covering multiple sales reps and territories. It will be a great boon to providing business intelligence that can really steer your company forward.

Some of your team may drag their feet adopting the new system, or they may require help from others to keep their information updated. Any delay can cause data to be lagging, not up to date and useful. Ideally, each team member should enter their own information as soon as it is  acquired. The only way to insure that they will use the system is to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the Crowe EditAble CRM Grid add on makes updating CRM information as easy as entering it on an Excel document.

Crowe EditAble CRM Grid is a tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and turns any page into an Excel-like grid. With inline editing capabilities, your team can update one or multiple records quickly, just by clicking on a cell or multiple cells. They can make edits and updates to their pipeline, prospects, forecasts and stats as quickly and easily as they did with their Excel spreadsheets – with the added advantage that the data will be available in the CRM system for compilation, collaboration and analysis.

Crowe EditAble Grid can also be used to perform calculations and groupings (like they did in Excel), giving you further insight into the  progress of the entire sales pipeline. A sales rep has insight into each stage of his prospects’ development and you have insight into the development of prospects of all of your reps. All this information is kept in Dynamics CRM so it is available for the most up to the minute reports.

Make the move from Excel to Dynamics CRM

Making the move to a full CRM system used by the entire organization can be a challenge, especially if people want to stick to their old ways of tracking information. They key is to make it as easy for them as possible to adopt the new system. Make it easy for them to move off of Microsoft Excel with Crowe EditAble CRM Grid and always have an up to date sales pipeline.