Transforming Processes With Microsoft Dynamics 365: Three Success Stories

Ryan Plourde
| 11/21/2019
Transforming Processes With Microsoft Dynamics 365: Three Success Stories

Although process transformation can be challenging, it’s an important part of an organization’s growth and success. Project-based companies must meet the challenges of deadlines and billable hour goals while maintaining profitability and customer satisfaction.

Consider the following examples of how Crowe helped three project-based companies leverage technology to transform the way they do business.

A marketing services company was managing its projects with Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheets. After implementing Crowe Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics™ 365, the company gained several benefits:

  • Project templates that help save time and support consistency
  • Tools for converting sales opportunities to projects
  • A consolidated view – accessible on-site or remotely – of projects, milestones, resources, and tasks
  • Customizable dashboards that provide visibility into assignments, resource utilization, time estimates vs. time spent, and each phase of project management

A web design agency wanted a way to more efficiently manage project tasks and estimate project budgets. It implemented Crowe Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and realized those and other benefits: 

  • A variety of project templates for fast and consistent new project creation
  • A streamlined workflow for tracking and achieving project milestones
  • Time-entry tools that enable quick access to multiple expense categories for each project

An IT service provider wanted a more consolidated and comprehensive overview of active projects and project task deliverables. Implementing Crowe Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provided several advantages:

  • Customizable dashboards that allow real-time visibility into project status
  • Bulk time entry capabilities for tracking time, resources used, and tasks assigned
  • Project templates that facilitate consistency while reducing the administrative effort needed to create new projects
  • A consolidated view of projects, tasks, resources, time and expense, and scheduling, which greatly helps with planning and goal setting

A versatile, comprehensive solution

Crowe Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive, flexible, and straightforward project management add-on solution that can help organizations define and manage projects, associate project tasks for real-time collaboration, and achieve greater team visibility.

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Ryan Plourde
Ryan Plourde
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