Tracking Billable and Nonbillable Time in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ryan Plourde
| 4/10/2019
Tracking Billable and Nonbillable Time in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Most managers expect their teams to work smart. Since even the most efficient employees cannot generate fully billable time, it’s essential to know how much time team members spend on billable and nonbillable tasks.

For many organizations, work time is associated with three categories:

  1. Client time
  2. External time
  3. Internal time

Client time involves activities that directly generate revenue. This time is billable to the client and is essential to an organization’s profitability.

External time includes time spent creating, fine-tuning, and marketing products or services expected to generate revenue. Although it is not billable to a particular client, this time is an investment in the future of the organization. This category also includes continuing professional education.

Internal time consists of tasks pertaining to running an organization, such as creating workflows, participating in certain meetings, and refining internal processes. Although internal time is necessary, it should not infringe too much on client time and external time.

Because managers need a clear and up-to-date view of time allocation to the three categories, employees should report their time each day. Yet time tracking can be tedious, and it can get in the way of other responsibilities.

How Crowe Timesheets can help

Crowe Timesheets is a time tracking solution that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365™ software. Crowe Timesheets simplifies the administrative burden of tracking time against clients, tasks, and activities, and it provides information that can help managers make better decisions for the organization.

Intuitive, one-click entry within Dynamics 365 enables users to track time on their computer or mobile device. The system prompts users to keep time entry up to date as work is performed. Users can also track paid time off for vacation, personal, or sick days.

Using data from Crowe Timesheets, managers can view reports that clearly display client, external, and internal time allocation on an individual, group, or team basis. The reports enable managers to make changes that can increase efficiency and improve profitability.

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Ryan Plourde
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