Easily Track Billable Time in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ryan Plourde
| 1/30/2017

If you are looking for a simple way to track billable time without the expense and unwieldiness of a stand-alone project management system, look no further than your Microsoft Dynamics® CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution.

It’s an easy, reliable method for tracking time within the applications you are already familiar with and use every day.

Crowe EditAble CRM Grid is an affordable add-on tool specifically designed and built to work within your Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365) solution.

Here’s How the Application Works.

You enter your activities into the grid format in Dynamics 365. Based on your needs, each activity can be assigned a category and grouped or summarized. You are then able to check a box indicating that an activity is “billable.” A running calculation will be retained in your CRM system until you are ready to export all of the billable activities into a report and produce your invoices.

It Gets Even Better.

With the Crowe EditAble CRM Grid, you can automate the process and have your billable time entered directly into your ERP system for invoicing. Save time entering time and don’t let this admin activity detract from more important aspects of your work.

You can also go beyond just identifying billable time to actually tracking it for project management.

Crowe Project Management allows you to keep track of tasks and milestones. In Microsoft Dynamics 365, you enter project tasks associated with certain milestones. When you enter time, billable and nonbillable, you will be able to compare the number of hours budgeted for a particular task versus the actual hours expended; that time can be tallied, assigned, and exported for use in project billing.

Need More Functionality?

If you find that you want more robust functionality, it is a simple move from Crowe EditAble CRM Grid to Crowe Project Management, again designed and built specifically for use with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. Keep track of budgets, timelines, tasks, milestones, budgeted versus actual time and resources, expenses, status reports, planning, and other things associated with your projects. Because it works within your CRM, it is easy to learn and use.