Tips for Banking Success: Identify and Nurture Valuable Clients

Ryan Plourde
| 1/30/2020
Tips for Banking Success: Identify and Nurture Valuable Clients

Any successful bank values its clients. However, some clients are more valuable to the organization than others. Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to identify and nurture the clients who have more potential to enhance the organization’s success?

For decades, banks have taken various approaches to measuring the value of clients. Sometimes, banks develop rankings based on employees’ familiarity with their clients. Other banks use profitability rankings based on a client’s holdings with the bank, the client’s tenure, and the number of products or services the client is using. Some banks identify clients who might influence associates, friends, or family to develop relationships with the organization.

These attempts to identify high-value clients often fall short because of difficulty in consistently translating the results into actionable plans that help employees recognize and engage top clients. Unless the knowledge gleaned from the evaluations will work with the organization’s systems and processes, clients likely will receive the same treatment – regardless of their value to the bank.

Another challenge comes from the controls that prevent a client’s entire profile from being seen and used by some team members. For example, some employees are not able to view the investment portfolios of clients or the details of a commercial lending relationship. When this information is not readily available, employees can be hindered and can risk offending the client or damaging the relationship.

The role of CRM

An effective CRM solution should help bank employees get the total picture and guide internal processes and offers. An effective solution can consolidate all of the client’s relationships, including, for example, commercial accounts, mortgages, IRAs, or their children’s 529 plans.

Simple approaches in the CRM system – such as color coding a client’s account or providing a certain icon – can enable a team member to quickly identify a top-rated client without needing access to confidential information. The system also should enable team members to provide more value to top-rated clients. For example, it may be worthwhile to waive some fees or provide bonus interest on a CD.

A versatile and effective CRM system can help banks strengthen, maintain, and expand relationships with top clients.

The solution: Crowe CRM for Banking

Crowe CRM for Banking, powered by the Microsoft Dynamics™ 365 platform, provides tools and information designed to enable bank staff to efficiently deliver high-quality, personalized service to clients and prospective clients. The solution enables organizations to integrate sales, marketing, and service functions so executives and team members can access and share relevant information across departments, product lines, channels, or intermediaries.

By using the many tools included in Crowe CRM for Banking and Dynamics 365, banks can improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and expand customer relationships.

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