3 tips for accelerating your sales strategy with a CRM solution

Ryan Plourde
| 8/30/2018
3 tips for accelerating your sales strategy with a CRM solution

A full-service CRM solution typically provides many advantages for the sales division and the entire organization. Yet to achieve revenue goals, organizations must communicate the value of their products or services to their target markets. Doing so requires more than CRM technology – it requires a CRM sales strategy.

Focus, accountability, and consistency

Successful sales management demands a focused and accountable team. By devising and instilling an easy-to-follow sales methodology, leaders can lay the foundation for consistency throughout the organization. For example, the sales management process should include regular business reviews that evaluate the effectiveness and viability of the current business pipeline. In addition, these reviews provide business intelligence that can help improve the accuracy of sales forecasting and the sales pipeline.

Aligning CRM technology with the sales process enables users to leverage tools and gain insight that can help keep revenue on track. To apply CRM technology to sales processes, focus on these objectives:

  • Keep it simple. Effective CRM solutions are simple and intuitive. The solution most likely will not meet expectations if the sales team doesn’t use it properly and consistently. An effective solution streamlines administrative tasks by reducing the number of clicks necessary for entering information and managing data, enabling the sales team to spend more time talking with clients and prospects.
  • Get the team on the same page. A view of the business metrics in the sales pipeline is essential for the CEO, sales managers, account executives, and each salesperson. Providing visibility to the sales process, communicating straightforward expectations, and establishing common definitions can help reporting become more consistent. For example, the definition of “Sales Stage 1” needs to mean the same thing to everyone in the organization.
  • Remove technology barriers. In addition to being easy to use, a CRM solution should be flexible enough to align with the organization’s specific sales processes without costly customization. For many organizations, the Microsoft Dynamics 365™ solution is a smart choice. It is a fully integrated, web-based solution that tracks and monitors the status of a wide range of frequently used business processes. Because it is web-based, the Dynamics 365 solution also can be used on smartphones and tablets.

A business-first approach

With two decades of experience in implementing successful CRM projects, Crowe understands countless challenges that can impede a system’s implementation and maintenance. Crowe specialists take a business-first, technology-second approach that focuses on defining and aligning internal processes with technology. We know the technology and the strategies required for successful CRM projects.

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Ryan Plourde
Ryan Plourde
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