These CRM Solutions Can Help Insurance Agencies Thrive

Ryan Plourde
| 11/7/2019
These CRM Solutions Can Help Insurance Agencies Thrive

Advances in technology benefit nearly all types of organizations. Of course, businesses have vastly different needs. By working with a team that fully understands an organization’s industry and technology requirements, executives can help their businesses become more successful.

For businesses in the insurance industry, Crowe offers Crowe BenefitsBridge, a highly flexible agency management solution. Developed by software and business professionals who fully understand the industry and the adaptability of the Microsoft Dynamics™ 365 software platform, Crowe BenefitsBridge is designed to help improve productivity and provide tools that help agencies deliver exceptional customer service.

Following are summaries of how the Crowe CRM team assisted three clients.

  • Insurance agency one managed its client data on various spreadsheets. After the Crowe CRM team implemented Dynamics 365 and Crowe BenefitsBridge, the agency can now access a consolidated database of client information for each broker relationship.

    Crowe BenefitsBridge automates administrative tasks associated with policy renewals and tracking, saving the agency significant time. Policy information is readily visible, and notices automatically remind agents when it’s time to contact clients.

  • Insurance agency two wanted to track the time spent with each client. It also wanted to more easily prepare and generate a stewardship report. The Crowe CRM team designed a workflow in Dynamics 365 to fulfill both requests. Agents can more easily track and report time for multiple service categories, increasing agency efficiency. Clearer benefits information and better communication have improved client retention.

    In addition, the Crowe CRM team developed a schedule of proactive, agent-initiated services to confirm that agents work toward their client goals regularly throughout the year.

  • Insurance agency three wanted to improve client experience while consolidating agency operations. The Crowe CRM team facilitated the data transfer from the agency’s legacy systems to Dynamics 365 and Crowe BenefitsBridge.

    The combination of the two solutions enables the agency to:

    • Access CRM data in multiple ways
    • Save significant time each month on administrative tasks
    • Simplify its incoming and outgoing commission reconciliation process
    • Track key metrics for commissions, agent activity, and client stewardship
    • Streamline administrative tasks associated with policies, commission schedules, and customer service

A proven solution

Crowe BenefitsBridge enables agencies to manage clients, policies, carriers, rates, renewals, and commissions in addition to leads and opportunities. Because it integrates with the Microsoft platform, Crowe BenefitsBridge is familiar and intuitive to use. The solution addresses agencies’ unique requirements and can be cost-effective from day one.

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Ryan Plourde
Ryan Plourde
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