Simplify Time Tracking with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ryan Plourde
| 12/26/2018
Simplify time tracking with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Accurate records of billable and nonbillable project time are helpful and important from a billing standpoint, an estimating standpoint, and a planning standpoint. However, time tracking can be tedious and get in the way of other responsibilities.

How can an organization improve the consistency and accuracy of time tracking? The answer is to make the process so easy that it does not seem like a chore.

Making time tracking easier is as simple as having the right tools. Crowe Timesheets for Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates time tracking within the Microsoft Dynamics 365™ customer relationship management (CRM) system to help:

  • Simplify time entry for employees. Intuitive, one-click entry within Dynamics 365 enables users to track time against clients and tasks more easily. The system encourages users to keep time entry up to date as work is performed.
  • Simplify time approval for managers. After users enter their time, the project manager can review and approve or reject the entries. Using simple workflows, managers can send an alert such as "Your time entry was rejected. Please review" and attach comments or questions. This process makes it easier to address and resolve an issue quickly, and it saves time because it eliminates the need for associated phone calls, emails, and conversations.
  • Simplify time analysis for decision-makers. Administrators can quickly access an overview of all time entered across the company and can analyze, for example, time spent on internal administrative functions versus customer work, or track employee vacation and sick time usage. Administrators also can customize time entry categories. For example, a dropdown menu could include categories such as time spent on meetings, consultation, and development. These categories allow an informed analysis of where time is spent.

A versatile solution

Crowe Timesheets for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides tools to help organizations gain better insight and make informed decisions that can improve revenue, reduce operational costs, and increase employee satisfaction.

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Ryan Plourde
Ryan Plourde
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