Simplify office processes with RPA technology solutions

Ryan Plourde
| 2/17/2022
Simplify office processes with RPA technology solutions

Now is a great time for automation technology. According to a late 2020 Forbes article, robotic process automation (RPA) has been one of the fastest-growing global enterprise software market segments. RPA uses technology to create, deploy, and manage software robots (bots) capable of mimicking most human-computer interactions to perform mundane and repetitive computer-based processes at high volume and speed.

In May 2021, Microsoft introduced a set of prebuilt RPA solution templates that seamlessly integrate with specific Microsoft Dynamics 365™ applications. Users of Dynamics 365 now can take advantage of bots that allow them to automate many of their most-used business processes.

Streamlining and optimizing office processes

The prebuilt automation templates – initially available for Dynamics™ 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Dynamics 365 Finance – offer two important advantages:

  • Automating frequent business processes rapidly
  • Freeing teams from tedious, repetitive, error-prone tasks so they can concentrate on more productive undertakings

RPA technology is versatile. Users can easily configure bots to streamline processes and save time by helping where and when needed. Bots can perform such tasks as user access review, employee onboarding, automated accounts payable, reconciliations, financial planning and analysis, and tax form completion.

Saving time and money for Crowe clients

Crowe has helped many clients explore RPA technology options and custom fit the technology to their needs.

Our Crowe CRM team helped a healthcare organization transfer massive amounts of data from newly acquired companies. We applied RPA technology to save the organization hundreds of hours of staff time and avoid manual entry errors and delays in its daily operations.

In addition, we helped a client that spent hundreds of hours a month dealing with sales tax exemptions and under/overpayments. The RPA technology can monitor 40,000 transactions in under an hour and has enabled staff to generate significant savings for the company by eliminating overpayments.

Another client’s busy customer service call center needed help processing thousands of incoming messages per day. To support the call center team, Crowe built bots that handle the large workload without the need for more staff. One bot handles incoming emails by discarding the junk and routing valid messages. Another bot inputs service tickets and uploads notes and invoices to the customer portals.

Learn more about how RPA technology brought speed and simplicity to painful processes for these three Crowe clients.

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What can RPA technology do for your business?

At Crowe, we work hard to make it easier for organizations to take advantage of advanced technologies. The Microsoft team at Crowe specializes in Dynamics 365 and can assist you in determining and taking next steps.

We can help your organization use RPA technology to rapidly automate common business tasks – freeing team members from many day-to-day manual, repetitive, and error-prone tasks.

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