Save Money on Your CRM Project

Ryan Plourde
| 6/1/2017

If you are looking into Microsoft Dynamics 365™ software (formerly Microsoft Dynamics® CRM), you probably have questions about a number of things, not the least of which is the cost of implementation. You’ve shopped around and found an experienced company to help implement the software, but did you realize you can take steps to save money on the implementation?

You can save money and help the implementation go more smoothly and efficiently, and with less disruption to your daily business, by providing details. Lots of details.

When clients come to us for Dynamics 365 software implementation projects, we provide an estimate based on our understanding of how long the job will take and how challenging it will be. Our estimates are necessarily a range from lowest to highest to compensate for any unknowns.

You can help us to stay in that lower cost range by minimizing any unknowns.

You do that by providing lots of details. Here are a few examples.

1) You want to create custom reports using Dynamics 365 software.

  •  What do you want the report to look like?
  • What information must be gathered, and from where?
  • How do you want the information to be displayed?
  • Do you want intermediary steps or calculations displayed in the report?

The more detailed information we have, the more efficiently we can configure Dynamics 365 software to do exactly what you want it to do. It’s much easier to do this upfront rather than trying to reconfigure the software later on.

2) You want custom workflows in your Dynamics 365 system – perhaps a workflow that would periodically and automatically send messages to your customers. This automation can be set up easily.

  • What do you want the messages to say?
  • How often do you want them sent?
  • Do you know what subject line you want to use for the messages?
  • Will you include attachments?
  • Will you include a call to action?
  • Which customers will receive the messages?
  • Will you use a simple email template or an email marketing template with company branding?

We can provide a list of questions for your team to discuss and answer before the project begins, to minimize unknowns and last minute changes.

Some might be tempted to say, “You are the specialists; just figure out what we need and give us the finished product.”

It’s true, we’re implementation specialists, but no one knows your business processes like you do. A cookie-cutter implementation may leave you short on features you need. We’ll be able to figure that out, but only if we ask you a lot of detailed questions. By providing answers upfront, you streamline the process, which can save time and money.

So talk to us. Give us the details we need to make your Dynamics 365 software implementation a success.

More detail equals less consultation time, which helps lower costs.

Your team will thank you for that.