A Relationship Assistant Can Help Guide Customer Communications

Ryan Plourde
| 6/13/2019
A Relationship Assistant Can Help Guide Customer Communications

Could employees at your organization benefit from having a personal assistant to help organize their workday? With the right assistant, team members might be less likely to miss a deadline, overlook a sales opportunity, or let important emails slip through the cracks.

Assigning personal assistants is expensive. But the good news for users of Microsoft Dynamics 365™ for Customer Engagement software is that they can reap some of the same benefits of a personal assistant through its “relationship assistant” tool. Think of the relationship assistant as an invisible personal assistant that works in the background to make each user’s workday a bit easier.

What does the relationship assistant do?

By monitoring a user’s electronic actions and communications, this tool can generate a variety of action cards. The cards suggest actions based on analysis of data collected from Dynamics 365 and other web resources. Action cards can be viewed on both the desktop app and mobile app.

With the relationship assistant, users can:

  • Receive reminders about important dates, tasks, and activities. By following simple steps, users can instruct the system to analyze communications, track deadlines, and send notifications.
  • Get suggestions for follow-up actions. Using information they collect about current and potential customers, users can decide what should be done to help advance the customer relationship. The relationship assistant can analyze call records, meeting records, tasks, and emails. Based on a user-selected number of days, the system generates a special card that shows “no activity with opportunity” and users can respond as needed.
  • Plan visits to customers and prospects. To better use their travel time and resources, most outside sales teams plan meetings with current and potential customers in adjacent areas. The relationship assistant’s “productivity cards” feature makes it easier to assemble and view meeting information, lists of attendees, location maps, and itineraries to help team members plan multiple meetings.
  • Tag emails requiring a timely response. Monitoring email can be time-consuming, and users can’t afford to overlook important messages. The relationship assistant allows users to set criteria such as competitors’ names, customer questions, customer requests, certain terms, or mentions of specific support issues. When activated, the relationship assistant can monitor a user’s email daily and generate notifications of higher-priority emails.

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