Project time entry: 3 important reasons to keep up with it

Ryan Plourde
| 6/26/2018
Streamlining Time Entry

Most employees understand how important time entry is for a project team. Yet sometimes it doesn’t get done on a timely basis. Even employees who excel with their day-to-day project responsibilities occasionally might fail to submit time sheets accurately and on time.

Consider these questions:

  • Have projects gone over budget because of late time reports?
  • Have projects not been billed on time because some of the time entries were not available?
  • Can long overdue time entries be considered accurate?

Time entry is much more beneficial to organizations and employees when everyone keeps up with logging their time – ideally each day.

Members of project teams need to be aware of three important time-reporting points.

1. Late time entry can create cash flow issues

Although employees are generally paid regularly for their work, organizations are not paid until clients receive and pay their invoices. Since clients typically aren’t billed until time entries have been submitted, late time entries delay invoicing. The associated delay in income can create cash flow issues that could affect the company and potentially its employees.

2. Late time entry can disrupt business operations

When team members are slow to submit their time, clients might be charged a large amount all at once. Clients might question these charges and wonder about internal inefficiencies. These issues can erode client satisfaction and make them less likely to initiate new projects.

3. Late time entry can quickly derail budgets

At regular intervals, project managers need to know how much time has been spent on a project. If time entries are late, projects that might have appeared to be on budget can suddenly go over budget once the time entries are submitted and processed. This likely will lead to uncollected revenue, which hurts the company’s bottom line.

The solution? Make time entry easy.

Crowe Timesheets is an easy-to-use time tracking solution that integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics 365™ customer relationship management (CRM) system. Crowe Timesheets provides an intuitive user interface designed to help employees quickly and more accurately track time against various clients, tasks, and activities. It includes single-click time entry, which improves team productivity and minimizes lost time caused by inefficient time-tracking processes.

With Crowe Timesheets, project managers and administrators can:

  • Streamline time reporting through Dynamics 365 dashboards
  • Configure the solution to track time more effectively for the organization
  • View how the organization’s time and efforts are spent
  • Increase revenue by billing for previously untracked time
  • Reduce the administrative overhead of tracking time

When everyone in the organization understands the importance of accurate time reporting and has the proper tools, entering time can become easier and less of a burden. Employees will benefit, the company will benefit, and customers can be better served.

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