Overcome banking challenges with Crowe CRM for Banking

Ryan Plourde
| 11/19/2020
Overcome banking challenges with Crowe CRM for Banking

Traditional banking has changed. For decades, customers regularly visited their local bank or branch to conduct business. Now, they can shop virtually for a bank that meets their needs and allows them to complete most of their business online. This modern approach presents bankers with a whole new set of challenges.

At Crowe, we work with about two-thirds of the top 100 U.S. banks. We understand banking and the hurdles bankers face day in and day out, such as:

  • More competition
  • Declining on-site traffic
  • Maintaining and increasing assets
  • Rapid digital transformation
  • Limited profit margins
  • Ongoing branch expenses

The necessity of advanced CRM technology

The challenges are complex, and no single approach will meet all of them. Having the right technology in place can help bankers respond more effectively to these challenges.

In addition, selling to today's customers is more nuanced and complicated than ever. Bankers need to: 

  • Drive process efficiency
  • Strengthen customer engagement
  • Identify revenue opportunities
  • Employ data-driven insights
  • Accelerate lead conversions
  • Take a more proactive approach to customer communication

An effective CRM system is critical. Learn why in this two-minute video clip.

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A versatile solution

Crowe CRM for Banking is designed to help banks engage customers, empower employees, and modernize, automate, and optimize bank operations. The solution provides additional value by enabling banks to improve the customer experience, expand relationships, and leverage advanced analytics for everyday use.

Crowe CRM for Banking enables users to:

  • Track branch activities and lending histories
  • Enhance lead and referral management
  • Manage the sales pipeline and reporting
  • Monitor activities and assign tasks
  • Determine marketing effectiveness
  • Automate tasks and workflow approval queues
  • Direct sales and service by providing next steps 
  • Manage assignments and calendars
  • Gain a 360-degree view of customers and their activities

The solution is powered by Microsoft Dynamics™ 365. Microsoft has long been a leader in technology designed to automate and enhance business processes in many industries, including banking. Dynamics 365 products offer bank employees proven tools in a familiar, user-friendly format.

Crowe CRM for Banking gives bank staff the tools and information for delivering efficient, high-quality, personalized service across all channels. It empowers managers and team members to meet banking challenges, reach business goals, and thrive in a changing marketplace.

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