Now Perform Complex Calculations Right in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ryan Plourde
| 8/16/2015
If you have been performing your pricing and quality calculations with a calculator or in Microsoft Excel, you will be glad to hear that you can now perform those calculations right within your Microsoft Dynamics® CRM where you want the final quote to reside anyway. Besides the ease and efficiency of not having to use two separate systems, the information and formula used to arrive at your quote will be at hand and accessible if needed for reference. Keeping all the numbers, formulas and calculations in one place just makes sense.

Now, with Crowe EditAble CRM Grid, you can achieve that goal.

EditAble CRM Grid is designed to turn any Dynamics CRM form or page into an editable grid like that found in Excel. And, as in Excel, EditAble CRM Grid allows you to edit, sort, group and calculate data easily with point and click configurations.

How might you use these inline calculations? Here are a couple of real life examples of how clients have used EditAble CRM Grid to enhance their pricing quotation processes:

A trucking carrier that is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM user, helps other companies expand their trucking businesses by providing financing to them. Part of their pricing process involves computing the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) they will charge for the loans. The formula for this complex calculation takes into account several factors, including the specific fleet of trucks used and the projected type and volume of freight. EditAble CRM Grid allows the company to group diverse factors and then work out the best  APR that they are willing to offer their clients for each of their products or services.  By assembling this information for all relevant products or services, they can calculate an overall loan price for their clients. Now, a once tedious, disjointed process has become straightforward and intuitive, resulting in less administrative work and fewer areas for error. A huge benefit is that the calculations and criteria used to arrive at the bottom line quote are visible to Dynamics CRM users throughout the company.

An IT company using Microsoft Dynamic CRM wanted to calculate a budget for a consulting project. A number of employees with varying billing rates had to be taken into account. They also needed to determine profit margin by calculating the overhead cost of each employee. This would require information about time required to perform individual tasks associated with the project.  Using EditAble CRM Grid they were able to create a grid grouped by resource and rollup calculations of projected hours to determine the overall profitability of the project. Because of the flexibility of EditAble CRM Grid, they were also able to regroup the information by resource or by project task. This allowed them to look at the information from a different angle and see the profitability of various phases of the project.

In each of these examples, all the necessary information resides in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The ability to view this information in various ways, while performing complex calculations with minimal effort, allows businesses to make more thoroughly informed decisions in a timely manner.