CRM Is Not Just for Salespeople

Ryan Plourde
| 1/20/2017
Not Just for Salespeople 1

Helping salespeople keep track of prospects and customers is only half the story. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (now Microsoft Dynamics 365) can really shine after the sale is completed and the project begins.

Crowe was selected to contribute to the white paper “CRM Is Not Just for Salespeople” to identify unique ways that CRM software can be used outside the sales department. As a result, point 10 in this white paper discusses the value of using Dynamics CRM to coordinate project teams. An excerpt reads:

"With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you can provide a single place to track all the pieces of your project. With centralized data, you can automate the communication to employees, customers and vendors throughout the project to keep everyone in step. Reports and dashboards help you monitor the status and profitability of each project. Alerts notify the project manager when a milestone is missed or costs exceed the budget."

Crowe has many clients that use Dynamics CRM in nontraditional, creative ways. For example, a large not-for-profit organization manages a variety of different projects in Dynamics CRM.

Each project has tasks that need to be coordinated, assigned, and aligned with certain project goals and milestones. Revenue and expenditures need to be forecast and time frames established. Start dates, finish dates, and dispersal of revenue must be determined. And as a not-for-profit, our client doesn’t want to expend unnecessary administrative resources on entering and tracking all of this.

With Dynamics CRM, the client’s resources can quickly enter key data, automatically calculate total project revenue as well as ongoing costs, view milestones, and generate progress reports. A once cumbersome and disjointed process has now become streamlined and organized to the benefit of all concerned.

Additional CRM add-on tools from Crowe, such as Crowe EditAble CRM Grid and Crowe Project Management, extend the “out of the box” functionality in Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365) to allow for a richer user experience and improved business efficiency across an organization.

Learn more about the ways that Dynamics CRM goes way beyond being just a tool for salespeople. Download the full white paper: CRM Is Not Just for Salespeople.