Do You Need a Project Management Tool

Ryan Plourde
| 9/30/2016
Integrated Project Tool 1

You have an up-to-date Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and it does what it is designed to do: manage your customer contacts so you can keep track of exactly what’s going on with your business. Your marketing team uses it to research their campaigns and pinpoint the best possible audience. Your sales team uses it to be sure that promising leads and opportunities don’t fall through the cracks. Management uses it to be sure that all the bases are covered, everyone is up to date and deals are signed and sealed.

So, do you also need a project management tool?

We’d say “yes” and here’s why:

After the marketing team has identified prospects and after the sales team has cultivated the leads and closed the deals, that’s when project management begins in earnest.

If you want to deliver projects on time and on budget, Crowe Project Management tool for Dynamics CRM can help.

Crowe Project Management tool was built to integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution and designed to take your team to the next step in seeing your projects through to completion. Yes, you can purchase stand-alone project management software, but your CRM system already houses a bounty of information that has been carefully gathered, refined and updated. Do you want to enter all of that information again? Aside from the risk of error and missing data, it requires a great deal of time for your staff. With Crowe Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the information stays right in your CRM as it’s being used to complete your projects.

Another advantage of being integrated with your CRM is that your teams are already familiar with how it works; training is minimal and they can get on with their projects. Crowe Project Management provides templates that ensure consistency throughout projects but can also be easily customized to meet specific needs. This streamlines the setup process.

Customizable dashboards allow you to establish a framework for your projects, designate and mark off milestones and provide up to the minute reports for those who need them. Even those team members in the field or at another location can be kept up to date through their smartphones or tablets. Anywhere your CRM is available your project management will be too.

Strategically designed workflows guarantee that roles are clearly defined and team members can keep track of their progress and completion of tasks. The dashboards also allow you to track timelines, budgets and resources, compare actual versus projected time and expense, and view up to the minute status reports. At any given moment, you’ll know what has been done and what needs to be done next.

Because the Crowe Project Management tool is integrated with your Dynamics CRM, it can also be integrated with your Dynamics ERP solution letting you generate and manage invoices and ensuring insight into and control over the financial side of your projects.