Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Compare Apples to Apples

Ryan Plourde
| 11/30/2015
If you are evaluating customer relationship management software, no doubt two of the contenders for your business are Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and While costs will necessarily figure into your deliberations, so too should features and functionality.

Look for “hidden” costs of features that may be standard with one solution but are tacked on as extras with the other. Do your homework and know not only what your requirements are, and may be in the future, but also what each solution is offering. Relying on price alone may leave holes in your system.

Ask questions; get answers about whether the solution includes such features as:

Visual workflow

Partner and community portals

Mobile support

Outlook integration

Data migration and de-duplication

These should be standard with your solution and not costly extras. Make sure your bottom line includes any additional costs that you may incur in order to get the solution to meet up to your needs.