Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Benefit from Superior Dashboards

Ryan Plourde
| 12/30/2015
Dashboards are designed to show you the business information you need in order to make insightful decisions, but not all dashboards are created equal.  If data is the new currency of business, you’ll want to be sure that your data window opens into every necessary aspect of information that you need in order to make critical business decisions.

While it is true that has a basic set of tools for creating reports and dashboards, there are some undeniable limitations. The necessity of returning to a homepage or a specialized page in order to access a dashboard can be annoying. Because there is not an automatic notice that a dashboard needs refreshing, it is possible to be viewing outdated information and not even know it. Also, the design of the database limits the combinations of data that can be viewed and compared. Data visualization can be limited with

On the other hand, data visualization is one of the significant assets of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. Dashboards can be easily created in various combinations of fields in order to provide customized insight. Whether you are working on marketing campaigns, researching customer trends, tracking and analyzing sales, monitoring goals or planning for the future, the data you need in a format that makes sense to you is available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM maintains security and data privileges, displays charts and lists and provides data in real time. has no security and data inheritance, can display only reports and has a lag time of thirty to sixty minutes.

Dashboards are only one of the reasons for choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM over