How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Software Solves 10 Common Business Problems

Ryan Plourde
| 5/22/2018
How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Software Solves 10 Common Business Problems

When Microsoft launched the Microsoft Dynamics 365™ solution, its goal was to make the solution robust and comprehensive and to make it faster, easier, and more user-friendly than its predecessor. Now, more than a year since the solution’s introduction, the Crowe CRM team can safely say that Microsoft has achieved that goal.

Consider the following 10 common business challenges. Now, thanks to recent improvements, Dynamics 365 software has made it easier to solve each problem.

1. Synchronizing Email, Calendar, and Contact Information

The original Dynamics 365 software enabled users to synchronize email messages, contacts, tasks, and appointments with Microsoft Outlook™ software. The updated Dynamics 365 software provides more options and benefits – like bypassing laptops – with the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Outlook mobile app.

2. Creating Contacts and Letters Within CRM Software

Users can import contacts stored in an email program, in a spreadsheet, or on smartphones into Dynamics 365 software and centralize contact information. After importing Microsoft Word templates, one click allows users to generate letters automatically populated with Dynamics 365 content.

3. Seeing What Contacts Are Saying on Social Media

Customers and contacts talk about your organization on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Dynamics 365 software provides powerful social insights through its Microsoft Social Engagement feature. Use it to spot and analyze emerging trends – positive or negative – and make adjustments if necessary.

4. Connecting With LinkedIn

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Relationship Sales combines LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 for Sales so users can maximize social and sales data to modernize the sales process. Users can review lead recommendations, secure a warm introduction from a colleague, and get updates about key customers.

5. Reducing Clicks

Dynamics 365 software provides a single console that allows users to see core account information and other related data without having to click across the system.

6. Editing CRM Data Inside the Solution

Immersive Excel provides access to Microsoft Excel™ Online from within the CRM browser window. Anything that can be done with Excel Online can be executed with Immersive Excel. For example, users can work with Excel formulas directly from lists of CRM data without leaving the Dynamics 365 solution.

7. Accessing Self-Service Business Intelligence

The Microsoft Power BI™ cloud-based analytics service helps users analyze sales, service, or marketing data through intuitive reporting and dashboard visualizations. Users can create dashboards or take advantage of prebuilt dashboards to connect to many popular business applications.

8. Capturing Lead Information

Insights, powered by InsideView, delivers targeting intelligence into the Microsoft Dynamics™ workflow. Insights provides tools to help qualify buyers, understand their challenges, and engage them more effectively.

9. Integrating Phone Calls

For messaging, conference calls, live streaming, and screen sharing, Microsoft Skype™ for Business provides a convenient way to connect with customers within the Dynamics 365 solution.

10. Automating the Marketing Process

Dynamics 365 for Marketing can help turn prospects into business relationships. It provides email marketing capabilities plus lead scoring, event management, landing page setup, and easy-to-create surveys.

Solutions for Many Challenges

What other business problems do you need to solve? Our CRM team includes more than 40 specialists focused on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 solutions. We have used Microsoft CRM products since their launch in 2003 and understand the technology, its capabilities, and the necessary ingredients for achieving a successful CRM implementation and a high level of user adoption.

Get more information about Crowe CRM services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 software. Have a question or interested in evaluating the CRM functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 software? Contact us today.

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