8 Ways the New Marketing App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Software Can Benefit Your Business

Ryan Plourde
| 12/18/2017

If your company – like most companies – has struggled with tracking marketing campaigns, you might be interested in the new Marketing app for Microsoft Dynamics 365™ software. This new application is rich in functionality and designed specifically for marketing. 

The Marketing app for Dynamics 365 software excels in six main areas:

  • Multichannel campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing pages and forms
  • Lead management
  • Event management
  • Reports and dashboards

Users can also add third-party solutions and access Microsoft Azure™ services such as Customer Insights to gain even more functionality.

The Marketing app for Dynamics 365 software can benefit your business because it:

1) Targets the right audience.

Targeting the right customers not only makes the most of any marketing budget, it also allows communication with customers that is beneficial to them and that might help elicit their response. The Marketing app for Dynamics 365 software allows users to see audiences in one place and to divide them into categories. For various campaigns, the business user designer function allows the targeting of only the segments they choose.

2) Simplifies multichannel campaigns.

Embedded content designers allow users to view and edit marketing content by simply dragging and dropping. Users can visualize and orchestrate campaigns and track customer interactions, such as emails sent and received, forms submitted, and contacts made.

3) Accesses content.

Unified multichannel content management allows users access to the data and content information they need to build an effective campaign.

4) Builds effective emails.

Users can choose from a comprehensive gallery of templates to streamline getting started. Users can also drag and drop photos and text for an in-place preview of finished campaign materials.

5) Manages leads.

Colorful tables, graphs, and timelines help users manage leads by integrating sales and marketing pipelines from inquiry to close.

6) Prioritizes leads.

By providing simple scoring rules and showing interaction progress, timelines, and analytics, the Marketing app for Dynamics 365 software allows users to stay on top of the most promising or time-sensitive leads.

7) Helps organize webinars and events.

A broad event-management data model with agenda management, attendee portals, registration forms, and attendee calendars makes event coordination easier for users and their customers.

8) Streamlines admin experience.

Intuitive, user-friendly dashboards and simple, ready-to-use content enable a stress-free and productive approach when adding campaigns.

The Marketing app for Dynamics 365 software is a tool that can help turn prospects into clients and turn ideas into marketing campaigns. It’s simple, productive, and intuitive, and it was developed in response to customer feedback.

According to recent announcements for Microsoft Dynamics 365 software, the Business and Enterprise editions are gone. Microsoft combined many features of those editions into a unified edition that allows you to choose the right app and capabilities you need. Customers can choose Adobe Marketing Cloud, third-party tools like ClickDimensions™, or the Marketing app for Dynamics 365 software.

We look forward to helping you compare your options for managing marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 software.

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