Mastering the 4 Stages of CRM User Adoption

Ryan Plourde
| 3/5/2018

Whether you’re planning a new customer relationship management (CRM) implementation or upgrading an existing system, successfully implementing a CRM solution requires all involved to work together to master its capabilities. When you contribute the time necessary during user adoption, your new CRM system can reward your organization with increased efficiency and a positive return on your investment.

At Crowe, we have the expertise to guide your internal team through the four stages of user adoption:

1. High Expectations

You’ve done your homework. You’ve chosen a CRM solution and a trusted consultant, assembled an internal team, appointed a team leader, and alerted prospective users. Everyone is excited because they’ve heard the new CRM system will fix old problems and save time. Enthusiasm runs high, and you can’t wait to get started.

2. Adjustment

Change usually isn’t easy, even if it’s for the best. You might hear “But this isn’t what I’m used to” or “This isn’t the way we’ve always done things.” Your team has jobs to do, and it might not have counted on the learning curve. During the adjustment stage, it’s important for executives to quickly address users’ concerns and explain the benefits and reasons for the new processes. It’s also important to listen to users, acknowledge their feedback, and be sure that they feel part of the team. This careful attention can make them more likely to work with you and adjust to the changes required by your new system.

3. Building Momentum

After mastering the basics, your team will be more able to identify other issues and see even greater potential in your CRM system. For example, one department might find a solution to a challenging business function. By celebrating users’ successes, both large and small, internal team leaders can inspire their teams to use the new CRM system to solve problems and enhance the organization. The innovation can be contagious as other users identify new solutions.

4. Full Steam Ahead

Your organization is running like a well-oiled machine, and your new CRM system is at the core of your corporate operations. More importantly, the system has become a part of your corporate culture. People, processes, and technology are aligned. Despite a few headaches and setbacks along the way, the efforts are paying off in increased productivity and growth. Everyone involved deserves congratulations.

What’s Next?

Every well-oiled machine needs maintenance, and that’s also true with business systems. Encourage each team to solve that “next challenge” by tapping into the information in the CRM system to develop new operational processes that further streamline your organization. As your organization changes, so will your CRM system. A well-used CRM system will support your organization as it continues to move forward.

For more than a decade, Crowe CRM professionals have assisted clients with CRM system implementations. We understand the psychology, methodology, and “key ingredients” necessary for achieving a successful CRM implementation and a high level of user adoption. Our people-first, software-second approach has contributed to many of our clients’ success.

Let the Crowe CRM team guide your team through the four stages of CRM user adoption.

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