Make Dynamics CRM So Easy Even Your Star Salesperson Will Use It

Ryan Plourde
| 2/5/2015

Salespeople want to sell, not spend their time on administrative and record keeping tasks. Your star salesperson knows that every minute spent in the office doing paperwork is time away from their prospects. How to convince your star salesperson to use your CRM system? Make it easy to use and update and let them see the benefit they can realize an organized up to date sales pipeline.That is possible with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Crowe EditAble CRM Grid.

Because Microsoft dynamics CRM is designed to work with other Microsoft applications, it’s a natural fit for your salespeople who are using Microsoft Outlook. The interface is familiar and intuitive. With Dynamics CRM with Outlook, they can: 

  • Easily view Dynamics CRM records in Outlook without opening a separate application.

  • Monitor and schedule activities in CRM right from their Outlook Calendar.

  • Track inbound and outbound email messages against CRM records

  • Promote Outlook Contacts to Microsoft Dynamics CRM with one mouse click

Crowe EditAble CRM Grid turns any form (or page) into a grid with a Microsoft Excel like interface that can be updated inline with one click. Simply click on the cell and type. This inline editing feature make is super easy for your salesperson to update his information in Dynamics CRM. 

Suppose your salesperson had a very busy day and has just confirmed that ten of his prospects are ready to close by the end of the month in order to cash in on an offered discount. The salesperson could update each of his records in Dynamics CRM individually, opening the record, typing changes into the ‘Est. Close Date’ field and then moving on to the next customer. Or, with Crowe EditAble CRM Grid, he can go to his opportunity page, click on the ‘Est. Close Date’ field, and change all the appropriate close dates without having to open each individual record.

He has updated his information and is ready to export it into an up to the minute report that he can take with him to the sales meeting. That makes for a happy and informed sales rep!