Make business surveys easier with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Ryan Plourde
| 10/15/2020
Make business surveys easier

Data is more than just interesting information. It’s the key to knowing and growing a business. Organizations need to know what customers are thinking and how employees are doing. To find out, many organizations send a survey. But that is often easier said than done.

An effective business survey tool should allow users to:

  • Send customer satisfaction surveys on a schedule – or based on certain events – to gauge customer satisfaction and uncover market trends
  • Elicit timely feedback for completed projects or customer support cases
  • Gather data on employee satisfaction or internal projects

One challenge: Organizations won’t receive the information if the survey tool is too complicated for recipients to use. Organizations need an easy yet robust way to create a survey with personalized information, send the survey to appropriate recipients, and receive feedback in a form that can be used to improve and drive business processes.

The importance of integration

Another challenge is disconnected business systems. Data sources need to be able to communicate with each other. With integrated data systems, information will be available when and where it’s needed. Users will gain a complete view of customers and projects as well as the ability to improve processes and service based on the survey results.

Two highly capable integrated systems include Microsoft Dynamics™ 365, which combines financial, customer, and project data all in one system, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice (formerly Microsoft Forms Pro), which simplifies the process of creating and sending professional surveys.

Customer Voice is a survey creation and distribution solution built on Microsoft™ Forms in Office 365™. Customer Voice is included with select Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscriptions and is available as an upgrade for Office 365 subscriptions.

Users familiar with Microsoft Forms can expect Customer Voice to be very similar. The solution allows users without coding experience to create enterprise-level surveys to collect timely feedback from customers and employees.

Features of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Users can easily view survey responses and integrate survey results directly from within Office 365 and Dynamics 365 to get a complete view of customers and their opinions. Features include:

  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Surveys sent automatically based on trigger events
  • AI-driven insights allowing users to identify trends
  • Feedback analysis designed to deliver actionable insights
  • Dynamic surveys that adapt to responses
  • Easy sharing of survey templates and results
  • Personalized questions based on integrated data from CRM, ERP, or HR systems

Customer Voice can provide seamless integration with an organization’s business data platform by connecting survey data with real-time insights through a Power BI™ template. AI-assisted features are designed to help users create, send, and analyze custom surveys and integrate directly into familiar tools and workflows. Customer Voice can embed surveys into emails, apps, QR codes, and mobile, making collaboration a breeze.

For organizations interested in customer feedback, employee engagement, or in-depth market research, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is an outstanding tool.

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Ryan Plourde
Ryan Plourde
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