How Small to Midsize Companies Benefit From Team Member Licenses for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ryan Plourde
| 3/23/2017
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If you work at a large corporation, perhaps the cost of customer relationship management (CRM) user licenses is not a major consideration. Ideally, why not supply every member of your marketing, sales, and customer service teams with full access to your CRM system?

But if you work at a small to midsize company that has not yet reached its growth and income potential, you may find that licensing everyone is not possible financially. Some team members may be relegated to working with separate systems, such as Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet software, and sharing data through email with licensed members who have to enter that data manually into the CRM system.

With its new comprehensive solution, Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM), Microsoft has introduced a team member subscription license (SL). A team member SL for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business edition, costs only $5 per month and, according to the licensing guide for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Enterprise edition, includes the following user rights:

Access and Approval

  • Access Dynamics 365 anywhere – via the Microsoft Outlook® platform on a web app, mobile app, or tablet app.
  • Access “read” mode across all Dynamics 365 applications.
  • Approve time, expenses, and invoices.
  • Access the PowerApps for Team Members platform.

General System Use

  • Use relationship and connections between records.
  • Run as an on-demand process*; run an automated workflow.*
  • Create saved views and personal views.
  • Use search and advanced find search.
  • Export data to the Excel application; perform mail merge.

Edit Access for Particular Functions

  • Accounts and contacts, activities and notes, shared calendar, announcements.
  • Knowledge management (KM), interactive service hub for KM, user dashboards and reports.
  • Time and expense, apply for project.
  • Collaboration experience: activity feeds and Yammer integration.
  • Use a queue item; start dialog.*
  • Custom entities.*
  • Record time and expenses (including for projects).
  • Manage personal information.
  • Create requisitions.
  • Create and edit quality control.
  • Create and edit service orders.

Special Portal-Only Items

  • Start personal support chat and cases through employee self-service – via web only.
  • Respond to voice of the customer surveys.
  • Nonemployee, nonoutsourced users – create and update opportunities; update work orders.

*Actions can be performed only against records corresponding to entities included in the use rights.

Not everyone is a fit for a team member SL. For example, you would need a full user license for any employee who needs to track cases, manage sales leads, and create marketing lists. But it is very likely that many people in your company would benefit from being connected to your CRM system and sharing information that might not be available to them without a full user SL.

While full-use licenses in CRM might have been cost prohibitive in the past, now more affordable team member SLs enable even small to midsize businesses to reap the benefits of a top-notch CRM solution.

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