How Crowe and Dynamics 365 helped 3 organizations

Ryan Plourde
| 2/15/2021
How Crowe and Dynamics 365 helped 3 organizations

Regardless of the industry or business challenges they face, Crowe clients have discovered that they can do more than they might have expected with Microsoft Dynamics™ 365. I’d like to share specific examples of business challenges the Crowe CRM team solved for our clients.

1. A public transit authority needed an incident management system to send alerts to its maintenance and operations teams. Crowe and Dynamics 365 met the challenge.

Crowe implemented and automated a streamlined process for managing incidents and events and for relaying information to the appropriate departments. Our client’s Dynamics 365 system now sends real-time updates and alerts to maintenance and operations teams while incidents and events are in process. Crowe also implemented a content management system to populate forms and submit documentation automatically.

2. A state public health agency needed a system to manage assigning and tracking contact tracers across the state. Crowe and Dynamics 365 met the challenge.

Using Dynamics 365, Crowe transformed a complex, multi-tabbed spreadsheet containing data from multiple sources into a single system that enables more efficient resource scheduling. The client can now manage potential contact tracers’ eligibility for training and deployment throughout the state. In addition, the client now benefits from an automated process for notifying contact tracers about required training and upcoming assignments.

3. A professional services firm needed to notify contacts about ZoomInfo software integration updates. Crowe and Dynamics 365 met the challenge.

Crowe developed and implemented a process to clean the client’s existing Dynamics 365 system – containing more than 300,000 contacts – each month rather than once a year. Crowe also helped the client improve its marketing and sales productivity by implementing processes to help determine high-quality, available leads and identify new target segments. As a result, our client increased productivity by decreasing manual data entry while also improving users’ trust in its CRM system as an accurate data source.

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What business challenges does your organization face?

To remain competitive and move forward, organizations must improve service, enhance products, retain customers, optimize projects, and take full advantage of technology. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides outstanding functionality that can help support these organizational objectives. Yet advanced technology is only part of the equation. Working with a technology specialist that inspires confidence, focuses on meeting goals and objectives, and understands an organization’s industry and business climate helps complete the equation.

The Crowe CRM team can help your organization do powerful things with Dynamics 365. While completing more than 100 successful CRM implementations around the world, the Crowe CRM team has gained the experience and developed the methodology needed to design, deliver, and implement effective solutions to our clients’ real-life business challenges.

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