How CRM Can Help Banks Increase Efficiency

Ryan Plourde
| 12/16/2019
How CRM Can Help Banks Increase Efficiency

Loyal customers are valuable to banks and credit unions. Employees who promote an organization’s products and win a larger share of customers’ business are also valuable. Therefore, it’s important to be able to efficiently identify star employees and determine the activities that make them successful.

Consider a bank with 100 tellers. Five might stand out as consistently excelling. Banks should be able to use their CRM system to identify the best performers, commend them, give them additional responsibility, or promote them. These approaches can serve as an incentive for others and can help banks increase assets without increasing staff count.

An effective CRM system should enable users in other departments to more easily determine which employees are adding more value to the organization – such as whether sales reps are referring customers to other departments or whether commercial lenders are cross-selling other bank services.

Targeted activity reports

A CRM system should enable executives and managers to view real-time activity reports for individual employees in order to learn:

  • How many times employees attempted to make referrals
  • How many prospects qualified for the offers and whether the referrals resulted in additional revenue
  • Which employees have met or exceeded performance expectations and which need more encouragement or training

This information can be very helpful on an ongoing basis as well as for employee reviews and product evaluations.

Customer metrics

A system also should offer a holistic customer view that enables users to:

  • Share information efficiently
  • Anticipate customer needs
  • Personalize relationships
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Predict customer behavior
  • A versatile CRM system

    Crowe works with more than 1,800 financial services organizations across the country, including about two-thirds of the top 100 U.S. banks. Our CRM team can help implement a well-defined and executed CRM strategy built around Crowe CRM for Banking, an add-on solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics™ 365. The solution is designed to help banks focus on goals such as increasing customer acquisition, expanding customer relationships, and improving efficiency and revenue.

    Crowe CRM for Banking empowers bank staff with the tools and information to efficiently deliver high-quality, personalized service. As a result, managers and team members can be more effective, more efficient, and add more value to the organization.

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