How Crowe CRM Consultants Keep Their Skills Sharp

Ryan Plourde
| 7/13/2017

Everyone’s busy, right? Sometimes it takes all our energy to keep up with our normal workload. Where can we possibly find time for learning new things? But without staying up to date, we can’t remain productive and competitive.

Difficult as it is, it’s essential for CRM consultants to keep up with new releases and updates from Microsoft. Clients depend on us to stay current so that we can help them to keep up, too.

That’s why at Crowe, the CRM consulting team invests time and resources in a structured Learning Series program. The Crowe CRM consulting team comprises both business and technical personnel and it has designed training topics for a variety of audiences. We work hard to keep information practical and up to date. We know that when our CRM clients ask questions, our consultants need to have answers available, so the entire Crowe team is involved in this internal learning resource. Assimiliating new information in a proactive way benefits us as well as our clients, in more ways than one.

Internal Training for the Crowe CRM Team

Each Crowe CRM consultant is required to select a training topic and, along with a co-presenter, spend up to a week researching the topic and developing a presentation. With the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365™ software, there is certainly no shortage of topics from which to choose.

After researching the selected topic, the consultant builds an internal Learning Series presentation that addresses these two questions:

  • How can we explain the topic or module in a simple way to our client or prospect?
  • What is the value to our client or prospect?

Next, the consultant presents the information to the rest of the CRM consulting team through a webinar. The webinar is recorded and added to our training library so it will be available on demand as a refresher or for training new employees.

With Microsoft’s rapid release schedule, the pool of Microsoft-related topics is expanding. Some of the titles already established in our internal Learning Series include:

  • CRM Portal Solutions
  • Microsoft Power BI™ and Microsoft Dynamics® CRM
  • Field Services
  • Microsoft ConnectR™ for Flow, Logic Apps, and Microsoft PowerApps™
  • Microsoft PowerApps and Mobile Design
  • Microsoft Azure™ Machine Learning and Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • New User Interface Features
  • Data Export Service – Microsoft Azure SQL Server™
  • CRM Online – Bulk Data Loader
  • Microsoft Common Data Model™
  • Email Server Side Sync (exchange online and POP3/SMPT)
  • CRM App for Microsoft Outlook™ and Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Microsoft Excel™ Integration (analysis within CRM; mobile support)
  • Editable CRM Grids
  • Actions (used within workflow and dialogs)
  • Business Recommendations – Portable Business Logic
  • Administration (licensing levels)
  • Relationship Insights
  • New Search Capabilities
  • Visual Process Designer
  • Lead Routing and Scoring
  • InsideView and Social Insights
  • SMS and Email Marketing

In order to stay on top of new topics, we regularly add topics to our library based on new questions we receive. We owe that to our clients, who depend on us for answers.

Consider Implementing Your Own Program

Thinking about instituting such a program in your organization? If so, here are a couple questions you might want to consider:

How might my organization benefit from having its own internal training program?

Organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 software can benefit from having a similar Learning Series. We know that you have limited time and resources for training, so we encourage a “train the trainer” approach for those new to the Dynamics 365 solution. We suggest that your CRM project administrator or your power user focus on the training topics your company needs. Build topics into presentations and record them. Over time, you can build up a comprehensive training library that can be accessed by new employees or employees who need a refresher.

Why should we choose Crowe for our Microsoft Dynamics 365 software needs?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 software is designed to help businesses move forward. Microsoft is regularly developing new features, tools, and upgrades. CRM professionals need to learn these new features and functions in order to help our clients with them. Our investment in our Learning Series presentations and library enables us to provide clients with the information they need to get the most out of their Dynamics 365 solution, which, in turn, can help them realize a faster return on their investment.

By proactively training your internal teams and helping them keep their skills sharp, you can strengthen your own organization. At the same time, you can build loyalty by providing your clients with the tools they need to remain productive and competitive in a changing business environment.


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