Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Grouping Information and Records

Ryan Plourde
| 1/15/2015

Crowe EditAble CRM Grid for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM allows you to improve on Dynamics CRM’s ability to organize your data in a way most useful to your business. Dynamics CRM allows you to see information in a list format, but with Crowe EditAble CRM Grid, you are able to do more complex grouping, sorting and calculations of information and records.  An outstanding feature of Crowe EditAble CRM Grid is the ability to create an Excel type interface that allows for quick and easy inline editing and allows you to group records and information. Here are a couple of examples of how you could use Crowe EditAble CRM Grid to group records:

If you were a property management company, you could identify all the units in a building that you manage and then group them by building, by occupancy, or by any other necessary criteria. You could drill into each group to see a total of income from each unit or from all the units in the group. You could see which units are best producers and where specifically they are located. With Crowe Editable CRM Grid you can sort, group and summarize the information in a way most useful to you.

If you were an insurance company, you could evaluate group insurance rates and benefits. You could see how policies compare by grouping such entities as medical, dental, long term care, etc. You could group different offerings within each category for an easy overview of your offerings.

You could associate multiple grids with each other thus automatically update your main summary grid when any changes are made. There is no end to the application of this valuable tool. Think what it could do for your business processes.