Good CRM News for Employee Benefits Brokers

Ryan Plourde
| 8/29/2015

If you are in the business of brokering employee benefits, perhaps you have  been unsuccessful in your quest for a CRM system that meets all of your requirements.

Many solutions in the CRM marketplace fall short of meeting the unique requirements of a specialized business application. You have your own methods, terminology and approach. And you may have found that most systems fall short in some of the following areas:

  • Out of the box solutions may not meet your needs because they have been designed around a standard business approach. Your approach may not be standard.
  • Relying on Excel or Access isn’t a viable option for you because you want a system that is fully integrated and doesn’t require duplicate data entry.
  • Perhaps systems built specifically for your industry are prohibitively expensive.
  • Stand-alone systems are just that—not integrated with your implementations and they may require time and monetary investment for training employees in their use.

Integrated CRM solutions with adaptable platforms may be an option because they can be customized to almost any business. But, consider this: unless the vendor really knows the benefits broker business, a successful customization and implementation of the CRM system will require training for the vendor and extensive time and consultation with your team.

What about a CRM solution that is already customized for your unique requirements as an employee benefits brokers' by a partner who thoroughly understands your business’s special needs? Now that sounds like just the ticket!

The Crowe BenefitsBridge solution, designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, is just what you’ve been looking for.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Crowe provides an integrated agency management solution designed specifically for insurance agencies that broker employee benefits solutions, including group benefits, health, individual life and financial services.