Dynamics CRM Developers Do Amazing Things with Editable CRM Grid

Ryan Plourde
| 6/20/2015

Using a tool for the purpose for which it was intended is indeed a good idea. Some people, however, can look at a tool and imagine all kinds of other things that can be done with it. This is the case with Crowe EditAble CRM Grid and the developers who designed it and who use it.

EditAble CRM Grid, designed specifically to be used with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, allows users to have Excel-like, easily editable grids on any of their CRM forms or pages. You can update a row in your grid or several rows at a time as easily as you would with Excel, and without opening multiple records or manually performing complex calculations in other programs.

That’s what EditAble CRM Grid is designed to do. But just wait until your developers get their hands on it and discover amazing things you can do with this tool.  And we offer an API (application programming interface) so your developers can completely extend the application outside the basic grid.

Here are some examples of what you can do with EditAble CRM Grid: 

  • You can put the grid on a portal. It will gather information from various systems and allow you to use the information right in the grid.
  • Some users are configuring XRM type applications using the Grid alone. Using CRM as the platform, they can build rich, customized applications that may be uniquely pertinent to their business models.
  • EditAble CRM Grid can be set up for any sort of calculation with fields highlighted in a variety of colors for ease of view.
  • One company built a complete commission tracking module using Dynamics CRM as the baseline and extending it with the flexibility of the EditAble CRM Grid.
  • You can do all of these and more by extending the Editable CRM Grid with our API.

If you are a Dynamics CRM developer looking for a flexible tool to add value to your next creative project, contact Crowe to learn more about the EditAble CRM Grid.