Dynamics CRM and the Best Tool for Employee Benefits Brokers

Ryan Plourde
| 12/10/2016
Employee Benefits Tool 2

By now, most business leaders know that to be successful and to continue to grow, they need to look after the needs of their customers. They also know how valuable a top-notch Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is for achieving that goal.

But not all CRM applications can be designed specifically for every aspect of every business. If you are an employee benefits broker, you want a system that accommodates your particular methods, terminology and processes. Until recently your options have been limited. You could choose an out of the box system and resign yourself to not having all the functionality you’d like. Or you could spend a bundle and have a system custom designed for your company.

Crowe can offer you a better solution.

At Crowe, we have been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now part of Dynamics 365) since its inception and we are excellent at finding or developing solutions to specific business operational needs. We have developed CRM add-ons designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and to address the needs and individualized business processes of a number of specialties. One of these is our BenefitsBridge add-on, designed for employee benefits brokers.

BenefitsBridge is an affordable, highly adaptable, front line management solution custom built for benefits broker agencies. Because it was designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users of Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft solutions such as Microsoft Office will be familiar with its functionality and will require little additional training. By leveraging the extensive power of the core Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, this integrated benefits broker software provides clear, linked visibility across an agency’s sales, marketing and support operations.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do with BenefitsBridge:

  • Quickly view policy information from a global or client perspective with intuitive drill-down capabilities.
  • Effectively manage policy rates and carrier plan information; and easily copy policy and rate information from one year to the next.
  • Capture insurance rate plan templates and contribution amounts across each client and policy coverage type.

And there is more. Optimize your investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the BenefitsBridge add-on and give your employee benefits brokers the best tool available to organize and grow your business.