Do You Need Project Cost Accounting If You Don’t Bill for Projects?

Ryan Plourde
| 4/27/2015

Just because a project is not billable to a client, is no reason not to track it.

Many companies have no idea how much time is spent non billable projects and what the overall, quantifiable benefit is to the company. Those who employ Microsoft Dynamics® CRM have a tool that can track that.

Define your project

You define your projects with a starting date, an ending date, and various milestones along the way. These milestones define the tasks that must be completed in order to stay on track and on schedule. Each milestone or intermediate segment of a project may also have a starting and ending date, a resource requirements agenda, and a designated team responsible for ensuring completion. Even non-billable projects will likely have a budget, so that must be tracked also. Crowe Project Management for Dynamics CRM should be your tool of choice for tracking all of these important components.

What kind of projects can be tracked?

Any type of project with its associated tasks, milestones, budgets and personnel can be tracked in Microsoft solutions using Crowe Project Management. Typically, project cost accounting is used by professional services organizations, but the application can be farther reaching than that.

Here are some examples: 

  • manufacturer needs to completely redesign his floor-space. They might want to expand storage units, install more efficient assembly lines and update conveyor belts as well as other equipment. They can budget for the overall project as well as for the individual tasks required to finish the job within a designated time and track their progress as they go along.

  • non-profit may want to track costs associated with fundraisers and special events, e.g. catering, rentals, entertainment.

  • construction business aims to track the specifics of building a house within a certain time frame and budget in order to come in under budget when determining costs and profit.

Keep it Simple

 Project management solutions can be overly complicated, making them less user friendly and almost assuring that they will not be used to track projects whose data may not seem essential for billing purposes. Crowe Project Management is simple and straightforward. It gives you just the information you need, in an intuitive format.