Digital Transformation: 3 Success Stories

Ryan Plourde
| 12/21/2017

Many of us remember the days of overflowing file cabinets and littered desktops. Office jobs generated lots of paper – not to mention the job of keeping track of all that paper. The digital age has changed that.

Learning and using the newest technology can enable your team to work more efficiently, more productively, and more accurately.

The digital transformation has automated processes, centralized security, and enhanced communication. Digital technology unchains employees from their desks, encourages workforce mobility programs, and can help improve productivity and morale.

Here are a few examples of how Crowe clients have benefited from digital transformation:

  1. Crowe worked with an insurance agency that kept its client information on various spreadsheets. Using Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM (now Microsoft Dynamics 365™) software, this agency has been able to:
    • Consolidate all client data and show it in various metrics across every broker relationship
    • Automate tracking and updating for insurance policy renewals, significantly reducing administrative time and resources
    • Automate commission tracking and cut approximately 20 hours a month from what used to be a tedious manual process
  2. Using Dynamics 365 software, Crowe designed a project management process for a web design agency that wanted to manage project tasks and budgets more efficiently. This process helps the agency to:
    • Access project templates – promoting consistency and quick setup – for each of its project types
    • Streamline task assignment and tracking, through workflows based on planned milestones
    • Simplify time entry while gaining real-time analysis of project budget vs. actual cost
  3. Using Dynamics 365 software, Crowe created a sales workflow to help a technology company update and automate its sales processes based on a newly adopted sales methodology. This workflow helps the company to:
    • Track sales opportunities according to defined sales stages, from contact to close
    • Access and apply the revised sales methodology through clearly defined stages of the sales process
    • Reduce sales pipeline ambiguity, for better visibility and accuracy of its sales forecast

Our team would be glad to show you how digital transformation can benefit your business by applying powerful technology to best business practices.

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