A Look at CRM Trends in 2020

Ryan Plourde
| 3/26/2020
A Look at CRM Trends in 2020

Various organizations have predicted that the CRM software market will continue to increase during the next few years. Most likely, current trends will endure, new trends will emerge, and the CRM market will provide more opportunities for organizations to digitally transform processes and reinvent customers’ experiences.

The CRM team at Crowe is watching several trends in 2020:

  1. Customer convenience and focus
    Self-service is becoming ubiquitous. Customers prefer finding information and easily completing transactions without asking for help. They want processes that are quick and efficient as well as foolproof and secure. In addition, a heightened focus on discerning and responding to customer preferences and habits will help organizations more effectively attract, serve, and retain customers.

  2. Artificial intelligence and RPA
    Expect artificial intelligence (AI) to be used in more practical ways across many types of organizations. Chatbots or virtual agents can help facilitate customer service as well as internal operational controls. Imagine a quicker, more coordinated way of entering a sales opportunity into CRM or requesting the most recent invoice amount paid by a specific client. Also, robotic process automation (RPA) is expected to significantly reduce time-consuming administrative work processes.

  3. Mobility
    Mobile productivity is no longer optional. Thanks to smartphones and other mobile devices, workers accomplish more than ever outside of the traditional workday. Better apps and more intuitive interfaces will continue to enhance and refine critical mobile connectivity.

  4. Social media
    Social media channels are becoming more closely tied to the buying experience. Integrating these channels into a CRM system could become one of the primary sources of leads for new customer acquisition. Social listening tools that help funnel and organize inbound inquiries or customer opinions can become a valuable asset for businesses.

  5. Simplicity
    CRM systems are expected to become simpler. The meanings of “customization” and “development” will evolve: Low-code or no-code platforms will put more power into users’ hands to configure systems to their specific needs. As users’ demands and business requirements change, technology will make it easier for users to keep pace with the changes.

Moving forward

At Crowe, we continue to leverage CRM technology and help our clients take full advantage of its functionality. If you’d like to learn more about how the current and coming trends can benefit your organization, please contact the CRM team at Crowe.

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Ryan Plourde
Ryan Plourde
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