Your CRM Needs to be Available Anytime, Anywhere

Ryan Plourde
| 7/25/2016

A highly productive sales team will spend a lot of time out of the office meeting with or searching for prospects or customers. They need to have easy access to your CRM in order to have the crucial information on hand to answer questions and close deals.

You can equip them with these valuable tools no matter where they are when you have a mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online

Imagine your salesperson ready to close a big deal when a customer asks him a question he was not prepared for. Does he have to call back to the office and wait while someone tracks down the information he needs? The client may view this as inefficiency and wonder if he is buying from the right company. How much better if the salesperson has the information at his fingertips, on his tablet or smartphone, in the form of mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Question answered, deal closed, happy customer and happy rep.

Armed with only a tablet or smartphone, your sales team is never far away from the critical data they need.  They can access documents, marketing and promotional materials, product specifications, and detailed customer data, allowing them to answer those deal-critical questions during a lunch meeting, a brief drop-in, or even from their home on off hours. When further expertise is required, they can call for backup using Skype for Business. Notes can be taken while the information is fresh rather than hours or days later back at the office.

The data in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system has been compiled to help your business grow. Make sure it does its job by having it available to those who need it. By using the dashboards, real-time visualizations, and business intelligence features within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can identify trends in buying behaviors, products that are increasing or decreasing in popularity, and other insights that you can use to make strategic decisions in the best interest of your business and your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers quick access to the information your team needs to satisfy customers and develop long-term business relationships.