Could Your Company Benefit From a Simplified Project Management System?

Ryan Plourde
| 4/9/2018

Many project management systems are complex and cumbersome to use. As a result, leaders of many small to midsize companies – even those not traditionally defined as professional services organizations – might think their only choices for project management are to continue using emails and spreadsheet software or to invest in a big system and hope their team can learn to use it. A better choice is to consider a more streamlined project management solution. 

Many companies can benefit from simplified project management, including these six types:

Software Implementation and IT Companies

Companies that implement solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics™ ERP or Microsoft Dynamics 365™ need to determine and outline the scope of each project, then be able to account for the project’s billable and nonbillable hours to see how the total time and associated expenses fit into the project’s overall budget.

Catering Companies

Whether planning for a wedding reception or for another event, caterers need to schedule and track a multitude of tasks and employee assignments. Every event comes with unique requirements and timing, and every task needs to be described, assigned, tracked, and completed.

Design and Construction Companies

Designing and constructing a building is an extensive project. Specific things need to happen at specific times, and coordinating various contractors during different phases is crucial. To help keep the project on schedule and on budget, project managers need to see the entire project schedule broken down into individual tasks, be able to track the progress along the way, and process invoices and make payments in a timely manner.

Bookkeeping Companies

Bookkeepers provide repeatable services such as preparing quarterly financial statements. They need to know who is assigned to complete each task and when each task should be completed. Creating a project template for each client can help keep client-specific tasks from falling through the cracks and help each project run more smoothly.

Professional Organizations

To stay relevant, professional organizations rely on the efforts of their members to recruit new members and help members advance their careers by providing regular educational sessions with career credits. These organizations need to be able to track their members’ continuing professional education and other information, plan events, and manage other initiatives.

Companies With Internal Projects

Most businesses can benefit from a simplified project management solution to help leaders manage internal projects, such as installing a new conveyor belt system in a distribution warehouse to increase efficiency. In order to determine its true project costs, the company needs to be able to easily track tasks, milestones, and time.

Project Management – Simplified

Organizations can streamline processes by implementing a simple, focused, and effective project management solution. The ideal solution allows the project manager to specify project start and finish lines, identify all the tasks and who’s going to do them, monitor how the costs will be allocated, and determine how much time should be required – all while keeping tabs on the project budget and enabling team visibility.

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