Connect with Your Customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Ryan Plourde
| 7/13/2016

The whole point of many businesses is connecting with customers. You want to connect with potential customers and you want to continue to connect with them for the life of their relationship with your company. And maybe you want to reconnect with inactive customers. How do you meet this challenge?

Know your customers. Personalized information goes a long way toward both winning and keeping customers. Perhaps you’ve collected all kinds of data, but do you have the tools to use that data advantageously?

Do some of these challenges sound familiar? 

  • You have customer data but it is scattered and unorganized. Perhaps it is located in various programs and spreadsheets and bringing it all together is too time consuming and labor intensive.

  • Your sales and/or marketing efforts sometimes fail to hit your target audience and fall on deaf ears.

  • Your teams spend a lot of time on administrative tasks and have less time to address customer needs and concerns.

At Crowe, we deliver solutions and provide the tools you need to easily gain customer insights from data. And because our solutions are built on Microsoft products and technologies, they are familiar and intuitive.

With solutions built for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can:

  • Provide your sales and service teams with complete and consistent information for each of your customers. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online you have at your fingertips information such as order history and buying preferences. Then with just a few clicks, with Power BI you can combine that with data from other sources, such as Microsoft Excel and SQL Server.

  • Identify your best opportunities so your sales team can focus their efforts on those with the most potential for success. Get out-of-the-box interactive visualizations and dashboards that allow you to identify and act on opportunities using Power BI and Dynamics CRM Online. Analyze, summarize, and present data with Excel to inform business decisions.

  • Enhance the productivity of your sales and service teams with easy-to-use tools that help streamline processes using Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365. Your teams can remain connected from anywhere at any time and can freely share information with integrated tools using Skype for Business, Yammer, and Dynamics CRM Online.

  • Close sales and build loyalty by providing customized sales presentations and marketing materials using Word and PowerPoint. You can host your website in the cloud with Microsoft Azure and equip it to meet your customers’ demands.

With Dynamics CRM Online, you can:

Have a complete, consistent view of customers.

Identify and capitalize on the best opportunities.

Boost sales and service teams’ productivity.

Engage customers, win sales, and build loyalty.

Dynamics CRM Online allows you to have all the information you need about each of your customers at your fingertips.  You’ll know their buying preferences, purchasing history, and wish lists. With Power BI you’ll gain even greater insight from your customer data.