Why Choose a Dynamics CRM Partner that Has Gold Certification from Microsoft?

Ryan Plourde
| 2/13/2016
When searching for CRM solutions, a critical factor will be choosing the right partner to advise, assist and implement.  While not necessarily a requirement for success, it makes good sense to choose a partner who has Microsoft Gold Certification for CRM. Here’s why:

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is one of the most popular CRM solutions on the market for good reason. Microsoft at the forefront of development and is committed to making the CRM experience the best it can be for its customers. Improperly installed and maintained CRM systems which are not living up to Microsoft’s high standards give the software, the partner and Microsoft itself a black eye. To protect its brand, Microsoft certifies as highly qualified, partners who meet its exacting standards.

Here are the requirements for the Dynamics CRM Gold Competency and what this means for your business:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold requirement: multiple certified professionals.

Six individuals collectively must pass exams dealing with Dynamics CRM customization, configurations, applications, installation and deployment for the current version.  Three individuals each must pass a Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations exam.

How this benefits your business:  choosing a partner that has this many qualified professionals on hand is an assurance that you are not dealing with a ‘one man show’. You don’t have to worry that if the ‘CRM man’ is on vacation, your project comes to a standstill. There is depth of talent within the organization and a number of people are well qualified to help you not only with implementation but with ongoing support.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold requirement: customer references.

A Gold certified partner must submit five unique customer references confirming that within the previous 12 months they have provided successful solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

How this benefits your business:  choosing a partner that has a proven track record of successful CRM projects and satisfied customers is a very good indication that you are dealing with a team that can deliver on its promises. Call the references to confirm details of their projects; perhaps they had similar products, processes or goals to yours. This will boost your confidence that the partner can handle your particular needs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold requirement: revenue or seat count goals.

A Gold partner must add a minimum number of new customers and generate a minimum amount of revenue to Microsoft each year. In the United States of America this is an annual count of 300 Microsoft Dynamics CRM seats (or licenses) or US$200,000 in revenue to Microsoft.

How this benefits your business:

This level of activity assures you that your partner is active and productive. They are serious about selling new systems and installation, rather than just performing maintenance work for customers who installed older versions years ago. They are up to date and selling the current version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and lots of it. Many other businesses, hopefully some like yours, have chosen them as partner. Again, this is a very good indication that you are choosing a partner who will actively contribute to your success.

To quote Microsoft: “A company with a Microsoft gold competency has demonstrated its capability and commitment to meet the evolving technology needs of customers through solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies. Worldwide, only 1 percent of the companies in the Microsoft partner ecosystem have attained the distinction of holding a gold competency and earned the right to showcase that distinction and market their competency by displaying a Microsoft Partner Network logo that specifies a company’s gold competency achievement.”

Because there are so many Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners worldwide, doesn’t it make good business sense to narrow your search to the top 1%?

Crowe is proud to say that we have attained the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Competency. Let us show you how our expertise and experience can benefit your business.