Build Client Relationships With Crowe CRM for Wealth Management

Ryan Plourde
| 2/17/2020
Build Client Relationships With Crowe CRM for Wealth Management

In a robust business economy, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the competition. This is particularly true for wealth advisers. Talent for the job is a must, but so is having the right tools.

Crowe CRM for Wealth Management is designed to provide wealth management firms and financial advisers with versatile tools for streamlining processes, attracting and retaining more clients, increasing adviser and client collaboration, and outdistancing the field.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics™ 365, Crowe CRM for Wealth Management integrates with familiar Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel™, and Outlook™, as well as with other tools such as Skype™ and LinkedIn. By presenting a single, centralized view of client-related data and interactions, Crowe CRM for Wealth Management can help financial advisers be more productive and increase their share in the marketplace by improving client satisfaction.

Versatility and convenience

Key features of Crowe CRM for Wealth Management include:

The client activity dashboard
This dashboard provides instant visibility into upcoming scheduled activities. Advisers can use the dashboard to:

  • Set reminders to periodically contact clients, alert them to an important investment opportunity, or send them a birthday greeting
  • Follow suggestions based on system data and built-in business intelligence

The dashboard also helps minimize the risk of important client contact or account action slipping through the cracks.

The client performance dashboard
This dashboard enables advisers to:

  • Measure client segments against key performance indicators
  • Categorize clients based on the level of assets managed by the firm or based on other categories
  • Locate useful information quickly

The dashboard eliminates the need to sift through multiple files to locate relevant information when preparing for a meeting or working with a client.

Well-designed navigation
The main menu allows quick access to all areas of the CRM system. In the default view – the active accounts list – advisers can scroll through the list or use the search bar to easily select a client, then review a variety of client information on one screen.

  • The summary tab displays basic household information, a financial summary of the client's financial assets, and data about referrals, family relationships, and other related connections. The tab also provides quick visibility into upcoming appointments as well as the number of days since the last contact.
  • The timeline tab lets the adviser save notes and details about interactions with clients, including email and phone calls. For added convenience, advisers can filter the notes and activities by date. This easy-to-access timeline of activity makes it easier to contact clients regularly.
  • The financials tab offers a more detailed financial summary. The default view is based on assets and liabilities and provides a summary of the client's overall financial health. This data can be grouped and summarized in a variety of ways – whichever is most useful.
  • The goals tab provides an overall view of each client's risk tolerance so that the adviser can tailor the investment approach based on the client’s long-term goals.
  • The contact details tab displays address information as well as contact preferences.
  • The related tab provides options for viewing related records such as activities, leads, or opportunities.
  • The LinkedIn tab pulls a client’s profile information from LinkedIn and places it into the contact record.

Learn about many more features in the Crowe CRM for Wealth Management overview video.

Productivity and client satisfaction

By providing an easy way to access and filter an abundance of information, Crowe CRM for Wealth Management can help advisers increase their productivity and build stronger relationships by providing more comprehensive client service.

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