Are You Ready to Move CRM to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud?

Ryan Plourde
| 2/26/2018

Cloud computing is no longer the next big thing – it’s the norm. According to industry analyst Bob Scott, “The speculation over when the market will move to the cloud is over. … [F]inancial cloud software is mainstream.”*

Is your organization thinking about moving its Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM to the cloud by upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365™ software? If so, it’s important to be prepared.

The Crowe team offers experience and expertise with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions. Through our work with hundreds of customers, we have developed best practices to help support a successful transition.

We can perform a system audit to evaluate your present on-premises Dynamics CRM solution. The audit usually takes two to three hours and focuses on:

  1. Entities
  2. Form design
  3. Plug-ins
  4. SSRS reports
  5. JavaScript
  6. Web resources
  7. Third-party applications
  8. System integrations
  9. Solutions
  10. Workflows
  11. Dynamics CRM for Outlook™ software
  12. Storage capacity
  13. Dynamics CRM license review

During the pre-upgrade audit, Crowe professionals match your current CRM processes to the new Dynamics 365 features and identify functions or capabilities that the new cloud software will improve. In addition, we determine potential implementation risks.

After the audit, we outline a transition plan and propose a project budget. The proposal includes a fixed-fee migration scope and implementation timeline. Our audit and planning process is designed to help streamline your move to the Dynamics 365 cloud solution and minimize the disruption to your business processes.

If you are considering moving to the cloud with the Dynamics 365 solution, take advantage of an offer from Crowe on the Microsoft AppSource: “Moving CRM to Dynamics 365: 3-Hr Assessment.”

Get more information about Crowe CRM services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 software. Have a question or interested in evaluating the CRM functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 software? Contact us today.

* “2017 VAR STARS – Riding the Cloud,” Bob Scott’s Insights,

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