Crowe and Dynamics CRM Help Deliver Projects on Time and on Budget

Ryan Plourde
| 11/5/2016
On Time On Budget 2

Does your company want to deliver projects on time and on budget?

We all know the value of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM when it comes to sales and marketing. Now Crowe Project Management tool has harnessed the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and enabled it to manage your projects all the way through from initial contact to completion of the project.

Look at it this way: during marketing campaigns and sales calls, your team has collected a lot of useful information about your contacts and customers. All that information is valuable when the deal has been closed and the project delivery begins. Don’t waste time and resources trying to gather all that information again and enter it into a standalone project management system. Your Dynamics CRM seamlessly and accurately supplies all that crucial information to the Crowe Project Management tool and they work together.

Since the Crowe Project Management tool integrates with your Dynamics CRM, your team will already be familiar with most of its aspects and it will prove easy to learn and use.

The tool provides templates which you design based on your organization’s best practices and which can be customized for specific projects. Using these templates will facilitate project setup. You can easily define the scope of the project, delineate and mark off milestones. With smartphones and tablets, your team members can access real time data and progress reports even from the job site. Strategically designed workflows ensure that each task and timeframe is properly assigned and all project team members are aware of and accountable for fulfilling their individual roles.

Dashboards facilitate the tracking of timelines, budgets, expenses and resources.

Strong reporting capabilities allow insight into time and budget status, percentage of completion, and project task accountability.

You can compare actual vs. projected time and expense.

You’ll know at any given time what the status of your project is and what needs to be accomplished next.

Also, because the Crowe Project Management tool is integrated with your Dynamics CRM, it can be integrated with your ERP system allowing you to produce and manage invoices and maintain control of the financial aspects of your projects.