8 UX improvements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9 CRM Software

Ryan Plourde
| 9/27/2018
8 UX improvements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9 CRM Software

When software developers release new versions of their systems, users can expect to receive news about improvements in technology and functionality. Yet system improvement requires more than just new technology and greater functionality. User experience (UX) plays a significant role in the adoption and success of the software.

UX design focuses on enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and satisfaction delivered by the product.

Noteworthy UX advances

With its release of Microsoft Dynamics 365™ version 9.0 software, Microsoft has made notable improvements to its customer engagement CRM apps. The following eight UX changes focus primarily on the main application areas, such as forms, dashboards, grids, dialogs, and the search screen.

  • Updated tabs, buttons, and input fields are more user-friendly.
  • Easy-to-read content containers group customer data for faster, easier entry. Data fields are more visible.
  • A new clipboard structure on pages, forms, dashboards, and grids improves the visual hierarchy. Clipboard colors can be customized on page and panel headers.
  • Enhanced forms and dashboards use space more efficiently. Content sections are organized with defined borders, use consistent spacing, and include helpful messages and icons.
  • Standardized fonts provide a more consistent look.
  • Subgrid header colors can be customized.
  • Long text labels and values wrap when users enter data in a form. Administrators can control word wrap in the system settings.
  • The enhanced Advanced Find now provides the option of building a “not in” query with a “does not contain” field. For example, “Find all accounts that do not have a contact."

Microsoft Dynamics 365 release notes provide additional details about the software’s enhancements and improved functionality.

Getting the most from CRM

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