4 advantages of using flexible CRM for insurance agencies

Ryan Plourde
| 3/21/2022
CRM for insurance

If you operate an agency or are a broker, you likely have run into these two roadblocks when evaluating CRM for insurance:

  • Off-the-shelf software does not provide the functionality needed for your industry, so you are forced to change your processes to fit.
  • Software solutions marketed to insurance agencies and brokers can be expensive and rigid. Many leave no options for configuring to individual agency specifications.

For your CRM investment to be of value, you need a platform that will adapt to your processes, not the other way around. And because CRM for insurance is an investment, you’ll want that platform to scale with your business as it grows.

Businesses around the globe have discovered the value of Microsoft’s robust Dynamics 365™ CRM solution. To help meet the needs of the benefits broker industry, Crowe developed an integrated app, Crowe BenefitsBridge – a highly flexible agency management solution that effectively delivers CRM for insurance.

Crowe BenefitsBridge integrates with Dynamics 365 solutions to help employee benefits brokers manage clients, insurance carriers, policies, plan rates, commissions, renewals, and leads. Because its interface is based on Microsoft Office software, Crowe BenefitsBridge looks familiar, is user-friendly, and requires minimal training.

Here are a few of the advantages insurance brokers gain by using Crowe BenefitsBridge built on Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  1. Centralized client view
    Agents, managers, and client services reps can access complete client profiles in real time and can see all interactions, policies, and services provided by anyone in the agency. Better information management can help increase employee productivity and improve customer experience.
  2. Policy management
    Agents can quickly access policy information from a global or client perspective using intuitive drill-down capabilities into rates and plan details. Pre-built workflows automate routine tasks such as generating notices and policy renewals while helping maintain consistency and accuracy.
  3. Client management
    User-friendly workflows provide a clear overview of interactions and time spent with each client. Stewardship reporting summarizes the services an agency has provided to each client throughout the year.
  4. Commission tracking
    Users can track incoming policy carrier commissions and outgoing agent commissions in one system. The system can handle any number and variety of incoming commission schedules and outgoing split commissions, while automated workflows provide easy and accurate reconciliation of incoming and outgoing commission payments.
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Tailor-made CRM for employee benefits brokers

With the extensive power of Dynamics 365, Crowe BenefitsBridge CRM for insurance agencies provides complete visibility across an agency’s sales, marketing, and support functions. Designed by software and business professionals who understand the insurance industry and the adaptability of the Dynamics 365 platform, Crowe BenefitsBridge addresses brokers’ unique requirements and helps them increase efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Inspire your agents by giving them user-friendly tools for success. 

Watch the Crowe BenefitsBridge solution overview video.

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