3 Ways to Support Your Organization’s CRM Data

Ryan Plourde
| 4/15/2019
3 Ways to Support Your Organization’s CRM Data

In today’s technologically advanced business climate, carefully gathered CRM information is valuable. Supporting and maintaining an organization’s CRM system is essential.

Think of a CRM system as a building filled with valuable customer data. In addition to needing security, that building needs regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning. Likewise, a CRM system needs regular attention. Allowing misinformation, duplicate or outdated entries, or irrelevant data to accumulate can render the data unreliable and diminish its value.

When viable data is more easily accessible throughout the organization, the CRM system is a more valuable asset. CRM systems benefit from:

Maintenance. Data should be backed up regularly and should be maintained through regular updates and upgrades. Data also should undergo regular cleaning to help eliminate duplicate, faulty, or unnecessary files that can confuse users and cause problems. Accuracy is key, because inaccurate data can be harmful.

Stewardship. Data needs a champion – a person known as a data steward – whose primary responsibility is to keep the organization’s data fresh, clean, standardized, and accurate, so that those who rely on the data can access and use it. An effective data steward also must understand the organization’s workflow processes and be able to identify opportunities for automation.

Support. It’s advisable to locate a resource that is committed and able to help if the CRM system goes down. In addition to having the experience to effectively handle a broad range of issues, the resource should offer support with planning for software releases and new features.

How Crowe can help

Based on input from our clients, Crowe developed a support services plan for the Microsoft Dynamics 365™ solution. The plan offers proactive monitoring, support, and enhancements that can help organizations improve the return on their CRM technology investment.

Crowe has more than 200 professionals dedicated to providing a wide range of technology solutions. The Crowe CRM team knows the Microsoft Dynamics™ product psychology and understands the technology and its capabilities. Our team also includes experienced business consultants – an important advantage for a technology practice.

Visit CroweCRM.com for more information about Crowe CRM services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 software. Have a question or interested in evaluating the CRM functionality in Dynamics 365? Contact us today.

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Ryan Plourde
Ryan Plourde
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