12 Banking Challenges the Right CRM System Can Help Solve

Ryan Plourde
| 1/14/2020
12 Banking Challenges the Right CRM System Can Help Solve

Banking is a competitive industry. To remain relevant, banks must meet customers’ concerns, offer competitive services, attract new business, adhere to regulations, and improve process efficiency – all while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

At Crowe, we understand banking. Our team works with about two-thirds of the top U.S. banks. We’ve learned which systems and processes best meet our clients’ challenges and contribute to their success.

Bankers often have cited the following challenges:

  1. High operating expenses that limit profits
  2. Wasting valuable time because of not having a clear path forward
  3. Continuing to use processes they have used for years
  4. Keeping up with constantly changing technology
  5. Concern that existing systems make it difficult to respond quickly to changing market conditions
  6. Attracting younger customers while retaining valued older customers
  7. Outdated systems and technology that won’t support growth
  8. Slow, inefficient, paper-intensive, and labor-intensive processes
  9. Concern about being able to compete with digital-banking providers
  10. Concern that system implementations or conversions will be disruptive
  11. The increasing challenge of supporting branches in many locations
  12. Remaining compliant with changing regulations

Leaders who can relate to any of these challenges might wonder if a solution exists to address them.

How the right CRM solution can help

Crowe CRM for Banking, powered by the Microsoft Dynamics™ 365 platform, is designed to help banks meet industry challenges by improving processes and performance. Building upon the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud of business applications, Crowe CRM for Banking helps banks gain a 360-degree, real-time view – available across the enterprise – of customer data that can help the organization extend its reach within retail, small business, and commercial relationship management areas.

Crowe CRM for Banking is designed to help improve the customer experience, build relationships, streamline processes, modernize lead generation, and optimize revenue opportunity management.

Why choose Crowe

Crowe banking and technology professionals have the expertise and experience to help organizations meet big challenges. Crowe banking consultants can help management:

  • Objectively assess existing work processes
  • Compare organizational performance to best practices and benchmarks
  • Identify which activities contribute to or detract from customer satisfaction
  • Assess workflows, job and department roles, internal controls, and the efficiency of an organization's current technology

The Crowe financial services consulting team focuses on helping banks manage technologies, enhance systems, address complex data and analysis challenges, and organize processes for optimal efficiency. Crowe consultants provide practical advice and proven methods designed to help financial institutions create lasting change.

Visit CroweCRM.com for more information about Crowe CRM services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 software. Have a question or interested in evaluating the CRM functionality in Dynamics 365? Contact us today.

You can also download the Crowe e-book “5 Ways Banks Overcome Strategic Challenges With Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

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