11 Benefits of Crowe CRM for Wealth Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ryan Plourde
| 3/4/2020
11 Benefits of Crowe CRM for Wealth Management

How can a wealth management firm remain competitive in a fast-changing environment?

A firm should be able to rely on CRM software to help streamline business processes, provide a comprehensive view of client data, and improve collaboration internally and with clients.

Crowe CRM for Wealth Management for Microsoft Dynamics™ 365 is designed to help wealth management firms and financial advisers increase productivity, improve the client experience, and gain helpful tools for analyzing organizational and client needs.

We’ve identified 11 benefits of Crowe CRM for Wealth Management. The solution:

  1. Integrates seamlessly into the Dynamics 365 platform and with familiar Microsoft Office and Outlook™ software tools
  2. Allows administrators and advisers to get up and running quickly because of its intuitive design and processes
  3. Enables administrators and advisers to improve consistency and increase efficiency by applying workflows to automate and standardize defined business processes
  4. Automates repetitive administrative tasks to save time and increase productivity
  5. Organizes and tracks past and current client data, activities, and opportunities
  6. Provides tools designed to help advisers interpret data to gain a clear picture of household financial potential
  7. Enables administrators to strengthen security settings based on individual, team, and role-based security needs
  8. Allows administrators to quickly determine how and where the firm’s time and efforts are being spent
  9. Links client-facing activities with appropriate back-office and administrative functions
  10. Can be configured easily to meet each firm’s unique needs
  11. Presents a single, centralized view of client-related data and interactions to help advisers be more productive, improve client satisfaction, and build relationships

Crowe CRM for Wealth Management can help increase profitability by enabling users to gain valuable insights, consolidate client and account information, manage client interactions, and automate internal processes.

Learn more about Crowe CRM for Wealth Management and watch our overview video

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